7 MMS Scandals That Everyone Fell For

1) Mona Singh

When a video featuring Mona Singh, prancing around naked in the house got leaked online, everyone went berserk! But on investigation, it was revealed that the video was in-fact morphed.


2) Preity Zinta

A clip featuring Preity bathing found its way online and wreaked havoc. But it was soon revealed that it was actually a Preity Zinta lookalike, and some pervert found a way to cash onto it. Die, fool!

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3) Mallika Sherawat

Mallika, who has no qualms when it comes to doing bold scenes became a victim of an MMS scandal when a leaked video featuring her in some x-rated action floated online. But research revealed that it was actually a Mexican actress, and not our Mallika dearest.

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4) Isabel Kaif

Katrina’s sister, Isabel Kaif was also a victim of these leaks, when an amateur porn video featuring a girl bearing an eerie resemblance to Isabel was found online. Katrina defended her sister strongly and proved that it was not her sister who was in the video.

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5) Radhika Apte

Twitter was afire when a lookalike posted some intimate bathroom selfies online, and all that Radhika could do was deny it. She even tweeted: “You guys! If you are going to get someone to pass off as naked me, she needs to look a lot more like me.”

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6) Sonakshi Sinha

Even Shotgun Jr. was not spared from the MMS scandals, as a video clip of her getting intimate with a man was found recently. But it turns out that the girl in the video was a lookalike afterall, and all this hullabaloo was for nothing!


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7) Aryan Khan

One of the most shocking leaks was the one rumoured to be of SRK’s son Aryan Khan getting intimate with his supposed girlfriend. But it was just a Spanish-speaking lookalike of Aryan and nothing more.

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